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Tips for Settling for a Good Church

A church is a building in which people worship God. There is a variety of denominations and a huge number of different churches and this makes the process of picking a good one somehow difficult. Luckily, scrutinizing the available churches can enable you to get a suitable church for you and your family. Below are guidelines to enable you to settle for the right church.

You should put the Bible’s inerrancy and authority into consideration. You should select a church that has faith in the words of the Bible as God’s word and that failure to obey them is a failure to obey God. To clearly understand the stand of the church, you need to ask the resource they use most in preaching. Additionally, ensure you ask how church matters are settled. In case they affirm that they rely on the scriptures, the church is worth considering.

You should consider a church that urges you to worship. Every church ought to encourage you to worship God. This point is seen as obvious but it is of much meaning. The reason we are saved is to worship God. Worship is not just about being in a worship service or produce musical sounds. The main agenda of worship ought to be intimate communication with God. A good church should help you to have this connection with God not only on Sundays but throughout your life.

Make sure you reflect on the possibility of your family to be involved. You do not intend to be going to a church only but contribute as a way of serving God. All believers have skills, talents and gifts they can use to offer service to God. You should determine the abilities you have and inquire if there is an opportunity for you to use them at the church you think to be attending. If you have kids, check if the church has other kids of their age and if there are opportunities for them to discover more about God.

Make sure the church you choose matches your convictions. The reason explaining why there are various churches is the emphasis on different parts of the Christian faith. Catholics put more weight on the importance of tradition, Baptists stress more on baptism, Reformed Christians place more value on God’s will and His Sovereignty, and Pentecostals place more value on gifts of the Holy Spirit. It does not mean focusing on one area of God is godly compared to others but indicates the goodness of diversity. When reading your Bible and making prayers, you should discern the aspect you believe in so that you choose a church that completely aligns with your belief.

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