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What to Consider When Choosing a Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy photo shoots are usually done around a month or two before the woman’s due date, so you won’t have much time for a re-shoot if the photographer wants one or if you just don’t like the result . It is thus crucial that you take your time choosing the right photographer.

Here are tips that can help you make the best choice of a maternity photographer:


Begin by collecting names and checking out portfolios on their websites. Just trust yourself on this one – call if you are blown away by some photos, ring the photographer. If you found this person without a recommendation from someone who has hired them before, ask for at least two client references.


Find a photographer who has years of experience in pregnancy photography, or better yet, someone who specializes in maternity shoots. You’ll want an expert in photographing the pregnant female form in all the best angles.


Always ask what’s included the session when you inquire about pricing, especially if your budget is restricted. And see whether you have to pay for printed pictures separately.

Photo Editing

Looking at tons of images of yourself pregnant can be overwhelming. The photographer should eagerly guide you and make suggestions of various editing ideas that you might like. You should also know whether they edit the photos themselves or if there’s someone else who does it.

Film vs. Digital

If you love the convenience of digital images but aren’t prepared to let go of your prints, find out if the photographer even does them (some don’t). As you may know, printed photos are pricier because of the need for film and a more laborious process, but the results are worth the additional cost.

Getting Ready

Ask the photographer about necessary preparations for the shoot. Good photographers will always have some simple but effective pointers to offer, such as wearing comfy and attractive outfits. The way you feel during the shoot will surely affect how your pictures come out.

Personality Mesh

If you’re dealing with the studio manager, make sure to meet the photographer personally as well in order to get a sense of their personality. Beautiful photos don’t stop at art. It’s important to work with someone you’re happy to be around because, like your outfit, that can affect how the shoot turns out as well.


Finally, ask the photographer what happens to your pictures once they’re done. This is not exactly crucial, but it would be great to have them save files of your digital images and negatives for a long time, just in case you ask for them who knows when.

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