A 10-Point Plan for Motivation (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How Pain Aids in your Growth

There is a tendency by human beings to always aim for growth. This growth manifests itself in different ways. Growth leads to progress, and that progress makes life meaningful. Growth covers more than the physical changes we can see. There is emotional, mental, and spiritual growth we encounter. What links all manner of growth is pain. Pain shall be present where there needs to be a change for growth to happen. There are many benefits we get from pain.

Pain comes at a time when you are expected to choose. When you look at the choices you have to make at that time, you will see how your life gets shaped. Those who feel they cannot cope with the upcoming changes hardly ever progress from their present state. But if you embrace it and persevere the pain, you shall get to another level never reached before. You shall feel the pain for example of losing a relationship. Sticking with them is the best way for you to never progress to any new level.

Pain also encourages us to find help. There is a lot of humility that comes with failing or undergoing something hard. You shall start looking at things differently. You will begin to appreciate others and not just think of them as competition. They shall, therefore, find it easier to ask for help where they are overwhelmed. They will learn to share and also lend a helping hand. You will become more honorable, when you learn to do your best to get your goals, not to put others down in the process. Asking for help was never a sign of weakness, but rather, a sign of a person courageous enough to know their limits.

Pain shall help you find new ways of conquering problems. When you are in a difficult situation, you may feel motivated enough to find another way out of it. You will begin to see ways out you had not thought of before. This is when your imagination will come up with ideas you would not have conceived much earlier. You shall achieve more when you stop focusing on the pain in the pain, but to use the meaning in the pain to gain some direction.

Pain shall also help you not forget what experiences you have had. There is usually a tendency by most of us not to forget what we have been through. We learn what to do and what not to do when we go through an experience. You can always refer to those principles when you remember the pain they came with. This shall make you fear less and grasp more. You will go further than before, and do more than you thought you could manage.

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